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Canajoharie teams successful at regional Odyssey of the Mind tournament

All six Canajoharie Odyssey of the Mind teams had a successful day at the OM Region 21 Tournament held in East Hill School on March 11. Each team placed in the top four of their division and problem. Now three Canajoharie teams will go on to compete at the state tournament in Binghamton in April.

See pictures of the teams in action

First place finishers advancing to the state finals

Division I, Problem 1 (Catch Us If You Can)Division 3 Superhero team
Rebecka Angus, Noah Ehle, Alexandria Gyurik, Haley Smith and Hayden Yerdon

Division II Problem 3 (Classics… It’s Time Omer)
Alis Fruehstorfer, Calista Hardesty, Castine Hardesty, Chiarra Morris, Giana Murphy, Grace Nowalk and Madeleine Sincavage.

Division III Problem 5 (To Be Continued: A Superhero Cliffhanger
Cece Betts, Gabby, Betts, Ben Fields, Samantha Field, Kaitlyn Jenks, Emily Oeser and Gary Oeser

In addition to the teams advancing to the state finals, three other Canajoharie teams also earned third and fourth place honors at the regionals.

Third place honors

Division II Problem 1 (Catch Us If You Can)
Dayton Christman, Angelo Fatta, Ava Fatta, Aiden Hoag, Miles Lapi, Henry Yerdon

Division II Problem 5 (To Be Continued: A Superhero Cliffhanger) Div 1 Catch Us If You Can team
Jane Cook, Vincenzo DeCrescenzo, Natalia Downs, Kaylee Haig, Gabby Murphy, Chelsea Snyder and Patrick Wolfkiel

Fourth place honors

Division 1 Problem Problem 3 (Classics… It’s Time Omer)
Amelia Hoag, Jacob Labagh, Grayson Lapi, Eden Robinson, Soren Veit-Scott and Lexi Wadsworth

The tournament featured a total of 62 teams representing 10 area school districts. Teams compete against other teams in their division solving the same long-term problem.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving competition that challenges teams to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. Each team presents its unique solution to its chosen long-term problem in one portion of the competition; in the spontaneous portion, teams must solve a problem they have never seen before given finite resources and a time limit.

Division 1 Classics, It's Time, Omer teamDivision 2 Catch Us If You Can team

Division 2 Classics, It's Time, Omer teamDivision 2 Superhero team


Top photos
Upper photo: Division 3 A Superhero Cliffhanger (from left CeCe Betts, Gabby Betts, Samantha Field, Gary Oeser, Kaitlyn Jenks, Emily Oeser and Ben Field)
Lower photo : Division 1 Catch Us If You Can (from left back row Rebecka Angus, Alexandria Gyurik, front row Noah Ehle and Hayden Yerdon, not pictured: Haley Smith)

Bottom photos
Top left: Division 1 Classics, It’s Time, Omer (from left back row Eden Robinson, Soren Veit-Scott, Grayson Lapi, middle Lexi Wadsworth, front row Amelia Hoag and Jacob Labagh)
Top right: Division 2 Catch Us If You Can (from left Aiden Hoag, Henry Yerdon, Dayton Christman, Ava Fatta, Angelo Fatta, Miles Lapi)
Bottom left: Division 2 Classics, It's Time, Omer (from left back row Chiarra Morris, Giana Murphy, Castine Hardesty and Grace Nowalk; front row Alis Fruehstorfer, Madeleine Sincavage, not pictured Calista Hardesty)
Bottom right: Division 2 A Superhero Cliffhanger (from left back row Gabby Murphy, Jane Cook, Kaylee Haig and Chelsea Snyder; front row Natalia Downs, Vincenzo DeCrescenzo and Patrick Wolfkiel)