Elementary News

East Hill School Family January newsletter

Our motto at East Hill is: The adult’s job is to keep the school safe and the student’s job is to help keep it safe.

Conscious Discipline believes that as adults change their attitudes and behaviors, so will the children in their care.

We wanted to share some of our thinking with you:


“TO DO’s”


Old model

What we used to say…

New model

Using Conscious Discipline, we say…

Tell children what to do

What we focus on, we get more of. Focus on the action we want.

● “Don’t push your brother.”

● “You know better than to push your brother.”

● “Stop it!”

● “When you want your brother to move, say ‘Move please'.”

Then ask your child to practice saying, “Move please.”

Give children usable information, especially when you are upset

When we are upset, we always focus on what we don’t want (what went wrong).

● Why isn’t this homework done?

● Why haven’t you finished this?

● “You can start with your math homework or your reading homework, which is best for you?”


Each child has different social and behavioral needs; we address these needs on an individual basis. When consequences are necessary, they are reasonable, related and respectful.

Additional information regarding Conscious Discipline and the School Family can be found online at ConsciousDiscipline.com or by contacting the East Hill School Family Facilitator, Mrs. Michele Nare at 673-6310 or michele.nare@canjo.org