10 reasons why grades go down

If your child’s grades are going down it may because of one of these reasons:

  1. Does your child worry excessively—over schoolwork or personal life? This may take energy away from her work. A little concern is healthy; excessive worry is not
  2. Is your child experiencing a traumatic situation at home, such as a divorce, fighting between parents, illness or death?
  3. Is your child experiencing discomfort in school, such as wearing clothing too tight? Is the temperature or noise level too low or too high?
  4. Is your child lazy or not able to follow through with a decision? This may stem from negative surroundings, critical friends or relatives. It is counterproductive.
  5. Is your child unmotivated? If so, he may not have good feelings about his abilities or relationships.
  6. Does your child have behavior problems such as arguing with others, aggressiveness or silliness?
  7. Does your child suffer emotionally from low self-esteem, being a failure or depression?
  8. Does your child not have a focus? If he were to stop doing many things and focus on one activity such as schoolwork, grades would improve.
  9. Is your child sick often? Does he have headaches, stomachaches, fevers? Has he missed an excessive amount of school because of this? Does he have too much fun when he is sick at home?
  10. Does your child show a lack of interest? Is he dull or listless? Is he uninterested in what he is studying?

If you see your child’s grades falling, do not wait.

Please contact your child’s teacher or guidance counselor.

They are ready to help you as you help your child do his or her very best in school.