2020 Canajoharie Yearbook Dedication & Memorial

2020 year book dedication

The 2020 Canajoharie Yearbook is dedicated to Canajoharie Science Teacher, Patricia Prime, with a memorial of Canajoharie Middle School Math Teacher, Mrs. Michele DeLorenzo.

“On March 26, 2019, in the biology room, the whole right side of my body went numb, and Mrs. Prime knew exactly what to do. She kept me calm, and she was super worried for me and made sure I was safe until help arrived.” ShellyAnn Hemmes, Canajoharie Student

“..Caring and committed teacher and colleague, invested in making math engaging, genuinely cared about our students, dedicated to being on the job
no matter how hard her days may have been. Endless strength to forge forward..hearts still ache with sadness forever in our hearts treasured memories will never disappear or fade.” Lori Schaffer, Canajoharie Middle School English Teacher.