8th Grade Transition Night

8th Grade Transition Night took place on Thursday, March 7th. Presented was general information about the high school schedule format, course offerings, future planning, and the program planning process.

Students and parents were led by high school student volunteers to visit with CTE and other departments to meet teachers and learn about course offerings.

Mrs. Lenz will be in the middle school to conduct Program Planning meetings with 8th graders March 25th – March 29th in the afternoons, April 1st in the morning, and April 11th and 12th full day.

Please note this is a change in dates listed during the presentation and transition event. If you need to make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Lenz on one of these days, please contact the high school counseling office at 518.673.6336.

Click here to view the powerpoint presentation presented at the 8th grade transition night