Reopening Our Schools – Updates and Information

As we work toward the reopening of schools, stay up to date on the most recent important updates and information.

The District’s School Reopening is Now Available | Reopening FAQ

Child Nutrition

The Canajoharie Central School District will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch for every student.  The COVID-19 will alter some of that past design.  To ensure that students have adequate access to meals for each school day, the protocols for child nutrition are located below.  

Protocol for Meals:

  • All students will receive breakfast and lunch daily while in attendance
  • Any students who bring their meals to school must stay in their backpack and can only be taken out when it is time  for the student to travel to the food area
  • Students in grades 7-12 will be given 3 days of breakfast and lunch for days they are not in-person
  • All students will have appropriate social distancing in each location
  • There will be no sharing of food items at any time and all students will follow social distancing guidelines while they eat
  • All students must wear face coverings too and from the food areas, only taking them off while eating
  • All students will use the floor signs to ensure they are social distancing while waiting in line
  • Students in grades PreK-6 will have designated seating areas with their cohorts for breakfast and lunch
  • All meals will be in compliance with the Child Nutrition Program requirements
  • All information on any changes will be located on the district website under “COVID-19” 
  • All cafeteria employees will wear gloves and face coverings 

Location for Meals:

Students will eat their breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria spaces provided:

  • Elementary and Middle School – Cafeteria, Great Room and Classrooms
  • High School – Cafeteria, Foyer Area, Auditorium and Classrooms
  • Meals for students who did not attend the in-person day will be available for pick-up at the high school from 11am-12 pm
  • If school is closed due a COVID-19 emergency, meals will be delivered at each bus stop and also available at the high school and the Arkell Library parking lot

Protocol for hand hygiene and cleaning:

  • Students will have to sanitize their hands before and after lunch with either hand sanitizer that will be available before they enter the cafeteria line to receive their food and in the food areas designated
  • Students may also use the bathrooms to wash their hands before and after meals
  • All food areas will be disinfected after each breakfast and lunch period
  • All cafeterias will be disinfected daily