School Schedules

COVID-19 has made it critical for the Canajoharie Central School District to adjust the traditional instructional model.   The main goal is to get all students back into the building for in-person instruction on a daily basis.   The New York State Education Department and Department of Health guidelines will force the district to create a different model.  


School day will begin at:

  • PreK-5 – 8:40am – East Hill and Middle School – building opens at 8:20am
  • Grade 6 – 8:10am – Middle School – building opens at 7:50am
  • Grades 7-12 – 8:10am – building opens at 7:50am
  • There will be two separate transportation runs in the morning for PreK-5 and 6-12
  • The school day will end at regular time for all students and only one transportation run
  • The district code of conduct will still be in effect during both in-person and remote learning

Grades PreK-6 Grade – In-person – daily – Elementary and Middle School Building:

Grades PreK-5:

  • Additional classrooms will be utilized at each grade level to ensure proper social distancing
  • Each grade level will have five sections with 10-14 students in each room
  • Teachers will rotate through each homeroom at each grade level-students will receive instruction in ELA/Writing, Science/Social Studies, Math, AIS, and special areas
  • Each instructional area will receive 50-60 minutes for instruction daily 
  • Students will also receive appropriate Special Education and ENL services
  • Students will receive an 50-60 minutes for lunch and recess daily
  • Cohorts will remain together throughout the school day

Grades 6:

  • Additional classrooms will be utilized to ensure proper social distancing
  • Each classroom will have sections of 10-14 students in each room
  • Students for the majority of the classes will stay together as they move to different classrooms
  • Students will be on a 9 period day with 40 minutes for each period, with lunch

Grades 7-12 – Hybrid – High School Building:  

  • Four Day Rotating Schedule Consisting of 50% of Grades 7-8 and 9-12: 
  • 1 day-In-person day of attendance
  • 1 day-At home assignment day will consist of Asynchronous Learning (curricular experience where students engage in the learning materials on their own time, interacting intermittently with the teacher)
  • 2 days-Remote instruction day(s) and will be Synchronous Learning (real-time, live instruction between students and teachers)
  • 5th day will repeat the rotation
  • Schedule will be done with an A and B Day rotation
  • Calendars for each group will be developed to let students know group and day
  • In-person and remote days will be on a daily school schedule with 9 periods and it will be Synchronous Learning
  • Each group of students will be assigned a number to represent that group
  • Group 1 – 50%-Grades 7-8 / Group 2 – 50%-Grades 7-8
  • Group 3 – 50%-Grades 9-12 / Groups 4 – 50%-Grades 9-12

Schedule – Grades 7-8 (Group 1 and 2) – Example:

  • Monday-A Day-Group 1-In-Person / Group 2-At home assignment day
  • Tuesday-A Day-Group 2-In-Person / Group 1-At home assignment day
  • Wednesday-A Day-Group 1 and 2-Remote Learning
  • Thursday-A Day-Group 1 and 2-Remote Learning
  • Friday-Repeat Rotation with a B Day Schedule 

Schedule – Grades 9-12 (Group 3 and 4) – Example:

  • Monday-A Day-Group 3 and 4 – Remote learning
  • Tuesday-A Day-Groups 3 and 4 – Remote Learning
  • Wednesday-A Day-Group 3-In-Person / Group 4-At home assignment
  • Thursday-A Day-Group 4-In-Person / Group 3-At home assignment
  • Friday-Repeat Rotation with a B Day Schedule


  • Music and Physical Education has a 12 foot social distancing guideline.  With the smaller cohorts and the size of our gymnasiums and auditorium, we will be able to facilitate these two areas.  The pool is 6 feet for guidelines so we will be able to use that for a PE station. 
  • A calendar for each students will be made so they know what day they have to attend
  • If school is closed due to COVID-19 – all students will be remote following a daily schedule
  • If we need to go remote daily due to closure, the following schedules will be used (all students will have their own device to use at home):
  • PreK-5 – 9:00 – 11:45 am consisting of 4-  :30 minute classes with :15  minutes break between each class
  • Grades 6-12 – Follow 9 period day starting at 9:10 am with:40 minute periods and:03 minutes between each period