Reopening Our Schools – Updates and Information

As we work toward the reopening of schools, stay up to date on the most recent important updates and information.

The District’s School Reopening is Now Available | Reopening FAQ

Social Emotional Well-Being

As the Canajoharie Central School District embarks on an unprecedented reopening of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is paramount that we not only have the students’ safety in mind but also their social and emotional well-being as well.  The district is here to help support students who may be struggling with the ever changing situation and how COVID-19 may have affected their situation in and out of school.  

Protocol for Social and Emotional Well-Being Resources:

Online and in-person supports will be provided to all students and staff.  Building level student support teams will be utilized at each building to screen and develop individualized social-emotional support plans.  

Tier 3: Individual students (<10%)

  • District PPS member assigned as Case manager to support referral to outside agencies including but not limited to: Home Run, Family Counseling Center, St. Mary’s Counseling Center, SPOA, etc. 
  • Individual will be referred to the school social worker or the school psychologist
  • Parent/Guardian contacted and plan developed to support student both in and out of school

Tier 2: Small groups of students (10-25%)

  • Referral made to PPS through the teacher, staff member, parent or administrator
  • Targeted Counseling Groups for students referred to the PPS Team
  • Self-regulation
  • Anxiety/Fear
  • Regular Check in/Check out procedures

Tier 1: Whole Group (75-90%)

  • East Hill: Direct social-emotional skill development via Conscious Discipline on a weekly rotational basis. 
  • Middle School: Classroom-based social-emotional skills taught through Conscious Discipline and Restorative Practices. 
  • High School: Restorative Practices concepts embedded within course curriculums
  • District staff will be provided mental health resources and access to mental health supports throughout the school day and year.  Training will be provided for staff to support students during COVID and support their individual mental health needs.