Reopening Our Schools – Updates and Information

As we work toward the reopening of schools, stay up to date on the most recent important updates and information.

The District’s School Reopening is Now Available | Reopening FAQ

Special Education

The Canajoharie Central School District is committed to meeting the individual health, safety, and learning needs of our students with disabilities.  There has been a collaboration between members of the committees on special education and committees on preschool special education in the development of this plan.  

Least Restrictive Environment:

  • Students with disabilities in grades Prek-6 will be receiving in-person special education services including programming and related services (Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy) per their IEP.
  • Students with disabilities in grades 7-12 will be receiving their special education services in a hybrid model that will include in-person services one day per cycle and virtual instruction the remaining 3 days of the cycle.  Integrated co-taught programs, direct consultant services, resource room, and related services will be provided per the students’ IEP. 
  • Secondary students with disabilities placed in the 12:1:1 Special Class will attend program daily. 
  • Programs and services provided will be documented via the student’s daily attendance, progress monitoring and/or related service logs.
  • Programming and related services being provided will be communicated to the families via written communication and/or telephone calls.

Modifications and Accommodations:

  • Provided in-person at the Prek-6 levels using technology, school provided materials and access to staff.
  • Provided in-person and virtually at the 7-12 grade levels using technology, applications, school provided materials and access to staff.  


Members of the CPSE and CSE committees were represented student needs on the district-wide reopening committees and provided recommendations to ensure that programming and services provided to students were consistent with their IEPS.  

Progress Monitoring:

Student goals will be monitored and reported on a quarterly basis per their IEPs