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ELA – 8:05-8:45am



Social Studies-10:15-11:00am


Special Education-11:00-11:45am



Foreign Language-1:00-1:45pm



1 or 2 Hour Delays – Weather

  • A phone call and email will be sent out by 5:40 am to everyone signed up in our SchoolTool system.  If you are not signed up please contact your respective school for information.  The district has to have a workable phone number and email for the system to work.
  • All classes and out of district placements will start 1 or 2 hours late (morning BOCES will be canceled for a 2-hour delay)
  • Dismissal will be at the normal time

Closure – Weather

  • A phone call and email will be sent out by 5:40 am to everyone signed up in our SchoolTool system.  If you are not signed up please contact your respective school for information.  The district has to have a workable phone number and email for the system to work.
  • All classes and out of district placements will be canceled.
  • There is a possibility that we will have a remote learning day as well, please pay attention to the directions that day in the email, news, or phone call.

Closure – COVID Issues

  • This can be a very fluid situation and can change at any time.
  • May occur due to lack of substitute teachers or nurses, Department of Health Closure or COVID cases.
  • Only certain grade levels may be closed (ex: Prek-6 in session – 7-12 Remote).
  • We will be conducting remote learning days at the grade levels that are closed.
  • Grades 6-12 have Chromebooks at home and will sign on at the start of the first period – 8:10 am and follow the regular daily period schedule in google classroom.
  • Grades PreK-5 will have assignments to complete with their COVID/Closure Folders.  Information on what assignments are due for the day will be in the announcement and then parents/guardians/students will be directed to the East Hill School Website under Announcements for grade level details.  If we have an extended closure we will issue Chromebooks to take home for remote learning

October 6, 2020

The following letter(s) are regarding full remote days that we will be having on October 21 and November 3.

In the letter(s) are detailed information on the days for each grade level.

October 2, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians;

We just wanted to reach out and send a reminder to everyone regarding attendance procedures, switching to and from the fully remote option as we move forward with the 2020-21 school year and a few updates. We understand there has been a lot of information sent to you over the past few months, and sometimes just some clarification and reminders can help.

Since we have both in-person and remote settings on different levels, remote days and a fully remote option, we just want to make sure that all protocols are followed with regard to attendance. Please treat the remote options as you would a regular school day. It is important to sign in at the times that have been allocated for certain periods and classes, especially the first class of the day since it drives our daily attendance. If your child/children are late coming to class you can imagine how that impedes the rest of the class moving forward. The faculty and staff members must take attendance and with students signing in at different times, it is difficult to move back and forth with attendance and class time. If your child/children have an appointment they must attend please call the main office to let them know. Treat the appointment just as you would if they were physically in school for the day. We would need a note or email about the appointment so we can document it in our system and files to ensure that the proper attendance is taken. Also, with the new COVID-19 guidelines, if a student is out of school for more than two days due to symptoms, they must follow-up with a physician/practitioner and have a note clearing them to return to school. As you can see it is important to document attendance precisely with the new guidelines. If your child needs to get a COVID-19 test please let the school know. At that point they can only return to school with a negative test result. Please contact the school if this was to occur even if your child/children have chosen the fully remote option.

As we quickly approach the middle of the first quarter of school we wanted to remind everyone that the school needs to be notified if there will be a switch from a fully remote option or homeschooling to in-person learning. We need to know if that change will occur no later than Tuesday, October 20 by contacting your respective school principal(s). If you are not making any change you do not need to contact anyone. After October 20 a change from fully remote to in-person learning will only happen again at the end of the second quarter. As you can imagine the switch from one to the other changes the rosters, schedules and how many students we physically have in for a certain day. Depending on how many students do make the switch, may also change the entire plan as well.

Just a few more reminders, please make sure you check the website regularly for updates, have all of your phone numbers and emails updated with the school so you are receiving important information as it is sent, answer all “all-call” phone calls and emails, and remember we have a 1 hour delay on the first Thursday of the month from October through May.

As we move forward, we would like to thank everyone for their support and help during this unprecedented time. We can only hope that we return to some normalcy soon and have the students back on their regular schedule. At the same time, keep in mind that this situation is ever changing and can adjust at any time. Again, thank you and we will see you soon!


Dr. Nick Fitzgerald

Superintendent of Schools


September 9, 2020

August 27, 2020

The start of school will now begin on Thursday, September 10.   There is additional information on each grade level for start dates below:

  • PreK, K, 1, and 2 – September 10 and off on September 11 (Regular schedule – Sept 14)
  • Grades 3, 4, and 5 – September 11 and off on September 10  (Regular schedule – Sept 14)
  • Grade 6 – September 10
  • Grade 7 – 12 – September 10 (check your hybrid schedule)
  • Remote Only Students – follow grade level schedule

Detailed information on specific groups and calendars for those groups will be coming out shortly. Information on remote only students will be sent out later today, August 27.

School will now be in session on October 9 and November 3, instead of conference days.