Additional Courses – HFM BOCES Career and Technical Education Center

The purpose of Career and Technical Education is to provide learning experiences in which all students become aware of a broad spectrum of careers and develop skills that are adaptable to personal and career goals. Career and Technical Education offers students the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for employment in specific career areas thereby preparing students for life as productive members of society.

All students have the opportunity to attend the Career and Technical Education Center in 11th and 12th grades. However, to attend any of these programs, students must be in good academic standing, on track to graduate in 4 years and complete all required courses and Regents exams through 10th. Students who attend will spend ½ of the school day off campus and due to travel time will not have a designated lunch period.

Auto Body Repair

2 Year Program

Students repair and refinish damaged vehicles. They also learn how to calculate repair costs, establish estimates, and use high-tech welding methods. Plastic repair and painting techniques are emphasized.

Auto Technology

2 Year Program

Through our A.S.E. certified and nationally recognized program, students learn theory and gain practical hands-on experience to prepare for a smooth transition into the workforce, further automotive career training, or a technical military career.

The program offers: high-tech diagnostic equipment, modern demonstration vehicles, work-study programs, preparation for New York State inspection licensing, internships, auto manufacturer training, adult retraining, regional automotive competition winners, live demonstrations from associated industries and support from an active Automotive Advisory Committee. (Articulation offered with Fulton- Montgomery Community College.)

Cybersecurity and Computer Technology

2 Year Program

The Computer Information Technology & Networking program includes two courses: IT Essentials taught in the junior year, and CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) taught in the senior year. Both courses have the senior option, meaning either course can be taken separately by students in their senior year.

Construction Technology

2 Year Program

Instruction includes fundamentals of plans and specifications, site preparations, and concrete: including common mixing, reinforcement, forms, placement, and finishing. Other masonry units utilize mortars, laying brick and block to a line, block corners, and chimneys.  Carpentry skills are taught through units on estimating, power and specialized tools, floor and sill as well as wall and partition framing, fastening devices, anchors, insulations, roofs, welding and cutting.

Additional course study for finish carpentry may be explored and includes rigging, solar applications, interior finishes and trim, stairs, blueprints, flooring, cabinets and cabinet making, and entrepreneurship.

In the advanced block brick masonry course of study students are exposed to piers and pilasters, anchors and reinforcements, control joints, lintels and sills, insulation, solar applications, bonding and layout brick, brick steps, arches, flashing and waterproofing, fireplace construction, glazed tile, glass block, and brick paving.

Students prepare for jobs in construction, including bricklaying, masonry, carpentry, framing, electrical, sheet rocking, and roofing. (Articulation offered with Fulton-Montgomery Community College and SUNY Delhi).


2 Year Program

The aim of the two-year course in Cosmetology is to prepare the individual to enter into and progress in the cosmetology field in a gainful manner. The cosmetologist studies the care of the hair, nail and skin.

Students will develop proficiency in shampooing, curling, tinting and styling hair by practicing on other students, parents or friends. Upon satisfactory completion of the 1,000 hours minimum curriculum requirements, the students are eligible to take the New York State License Examination. Twenty-eight states recognize the New York State Cosmetology license. A cosmetology kit and a uniform are required.

Criminal Justice

2 Year Program

Students prepare for entry into college criminal justice or security management programs as well as career opportunities in law enforcement, public/private security and the correction fields. To enroll, students must have excellent school attendance and good grades. Students also must have visited the HFM Career & Technical Center Criminal Justice program, must never have been arrested, and must be recommended by a high school guidance counselor or principal.

Note: Students who successfully complete this program may be eligible for advanced credits in criminal justice from Fulton-Montgomery Community College, Herkimer County Community College, Schenectady County Community College or Hudson Valley Community College.

Culinary Arts

2 Year Program

Culinary Arts is a fast-growing industry with the excellent employment potential for people who are willing to work hard. There are thousands of job openings annually and many possibilities for advancement.

The morning session covers principles of quantity food service and preparation of entrées, salads, soups and sauces, sandwiches and desserts. Instruction is also offered in sanitation, storeroom management and breakfast cookery. Participants gain hands-on experience through the daily production of breakfast and lunch for students, faculty and staff at the BOCES Center.

The afternoon session allows students to operate a café restaurant where they learn customer service, grade management, cake decorating, cake and pastry baking, meat and poultry preparation and career skills.

Digital Multimedia

2 Year Program

This program represents a challenging and fast-paced industry, with a wide variety of new employment positions available each year. Students learn the principles of graphic production including: layout/design, typography, digital and film photography, electronic image editing, electronic/desktop publishing/advertising, basic news gathering, multimedia design/production, basic 3D rendering, process camera techniques, basic photo offset processes, video camera/production/editing, basic sound mixing/editing. Macintosh and Windows platforms are used.

Also included are: basic word processing, Adobe PageMaker, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Premiere, MS PowerPoint, Meta Creations Painter, Curious Labs 3D Poser, Macromedia Director, Flash and Freehand.

A textbook and workbook are provided. Good attendance and personal responsibility in class are emphasized, adding the development of a professional attitude to the knowledge and skills gained in class.

Environmental Conservation

2 Year Program

Environmental Conservation is designed to emphasize heavy equipment operation and maintenance, forestry, and soil conservation. Students will be involved in forestry management operations as well as the operation of chainsaws, bulldozers, backhoes and other equipment in a wide variety of projects.

Basic mechanical skills such as electricity, carpentry, plumbing, fiberglass repair, and masonry are introduced. An emphasis is also placed on the repair, maintenance, and use of small gasoline engines.

Engineering Technology

2 Year Program

This program focuses on technology exploration in the first year and electrical/electronic technology in the second year. Instruction occurs on the FMCC campus. Successful students can earn up to 15 college credits from FMCC.

Foundations of Food Service

2-year Program

Students in this program will learn basic, entry-level skills ideal for fast food, institutional and supermarket setting.

Curriculum will include: good work habits, personal hygiene, professional sanitation techniques and basic food service. Students will learn to follow recipes – from reading a recipe to gathering ingredients and equipment, to baking and Cleaning up. Participants will learn safety and proper usage of equipment hand tools and knives.

Medical Assisting

2 Year Program

This two-year program offers the student academic and clinical experience in the critical areas of administrative and clinical medical assisting. The course is designed to present skills from most basic to more complex, and prepares students for entry-level employment as a Medical Assistant.

Students acquire a specialized body of knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow them to perform administrative and clinical procedures in a variety of healthcare settings. Since Anatomy and Physiology is emphasized throughout the course, a student may be granted a third-year science credit from their home school.

The course is based on the American Association of Medical Assisting (AAMA) role delineation components. Upon successful completion, a student will be able to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and attitude to obtain employment in the field of Medical Assisting.

New Visions Health Careers

1 Year Program (Seniors Only)

The New Visions: Health Careers program is an immersion-based approach to education. This concept allows the students of the HFM BOCES Career and Technical Center to explore a variety of healthcare careers, while integrating their academics of twelfth-grade social studies and three college level English credits. The classroom is on-site at Nathan Littauer Hospital. This facility allows the students to participate in rotations in numerous hospital departments and work side by side with a variety of health care professionals.

To participate in this program the student must be a senior who has:

  • demonstrated an interest in the healthcare field
  • maturity and the ability to work both independently and in teams
  • met graduation requirements up to the point they begin participation in the program
  • completed three years of math
  • completed three years of science
  • been recommended by a high school guidance counselor and two teachers
  • completed an application form and interview

New Visions Education

1 Year Program

New Visions education is an academically rigorous one-year program intended for students interested in pursuing a career in the K-12 education field. Through the program, students will gain field experience working in various local school districts.

Students will have the opportunity to explore different career paths through extended job shadowing and internships working with classroom teachers, school psychologists, counselors, social workers, and special education teachers.

Students will also complete Fulton-Montgomery Community College coursework earning up to 9 college credits. Admissions criteria apply to participate in New Visions programs. A complete application and a minimum of 85 GPA are required.

Program Objectives:

  • Students gain an understanding of the theory and practice of professional ethics
  • Students learn effective classroom management strategies and application
  • Students learn about the New York State Learning Standards
  • Students understand New York State Certification requirements
  • Students learn to work with special needs students
  • Students explore and identify career goals
  • Students explore “Hot Topics” in Education
  • Students complete required shadowing/internship experiences with educational professionals
  • Students learn to cultivate Parent/Teacher/Community relationships

High School Credit Earned:

English 12 (1 credit), Participation in Government (1/2 credit) and Economics (1/2 credit)

New Visions Health

This academically rigorous one-year program, located at Nathan Littauer Hospital, is designed for high school seniors interested in medical and health-related professions.

Students enrolled in the New Visions Health Careers program learn through traditional methods (lecture/discussion, reading and research, writing, and specific topic study) as well as participation in clinical rotations—structured observations of medical professionals and procedures. These experiences provide students an opportunity to directly learn about the various health professions, appropriate patient care, and the latest in medical treatments and testing.

English 12 and Social Studies 12 (Participation in Government and Economics) are integrated into the health careers curriculum offering a broad and rewarding learning opportunity.

Program Objectives:

  • Speak and write in-depth about connections between school and work.
  • Develop career plans based on knowledge gained through direct health career experiences.
  • Develop independent and group learning skills to prepare for college level education.
  • Apply previously learned academic knowledge and professional skills to complete tasks and problem solve.
  • Clarify career goals, giving students a greater understanding of the daily demands and rewards of a variety of career fields.
  • Develop the study/organizational skills and maturity to transition to college studies.

Elements of Course Content:

  • Health Careers Exploration
  • Study of Diseases and Disorders
  • Clinical Observation
  • Professionalism
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Written and Oral communication
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Ethics

Potential Career Paths:

  • Practical Nurse
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Business Manager
  • Radiology Technician
  • Pharmacy
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Medical Doctor
  • Physical/Occupational Therapist
  • Dentistry

High School credits earned:

  • English 12 (1 credit)
  • Participation in Government (1/2 credit)
  • Economics (1/2 credit)

College in the High School opportunities exist with the following colleges/universities:

Students may earn three (3) English credits (English 103) from Fulton-Montgomery Community College through the “College in the High School” program

Veterinary and Animal Science

2 Year Program

The Veterinary and Animal Science program is intended to prepare students for a future in the expanding pet industry that offers a variety of career opportunities. This science-based program teaches skills in areas such as animal handling, anatomy and physiology, grooming, pet first aid, health and disease, clinical practices, veterinary terminology, and safety and sanitation.

Students will use the tools of the trade, including diagnostic and grooming equipment. Internships with local veterinary clinics, animal shelters grooming and training facilities are also part of the experience.