Students pursuing a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation may substitute a five-unit sequence in Business Education for the three-unit sequence in Languages other than English.

Every Year Classes:

Accounting I

One (1) year; One (1) credit

Prerequisite: Grade 10-12

A course designed to provide students with a basic understanding of double entry accounting. The course covers the entire accounting cycle used in service and merchandising businesses. Students will be introduced to automated accounting through hands-on use of computers and general ledger software. In addition, each unit includes a computer technology simulation project. This course can be used as the 3rd unit of math required for graduation.

UHS Accounting II

One (1) year; One (1) credit


Prerequisite: Achievement of the minimal final school mark of 75 in Accounting I.  If enrolled in the University in the High School program, students can earn three State University of New York credits upon successful completion of this course.

During the first semester, students enrolled in this course will receive instruction in the fundamental theory and practice of accounting with application in departmentalized accounting. Units of study have been designed to present the principles of double entry, design and use of books of account; control accounts and subsidiary ledgers; preparation of worksheets; payroll and payroll taxes; closing books and preparation of simple forms of profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

In the second semester, this course is designed to provide treatment of concepts and principles, inventory planning and valuation, and accounting for uncollectible accounts; plant assets, notes payable, prepaid expenses and accrued expenses, notes receivable, unearned revenue and accrued revenue, organizing a corporation and paying dividends. Throughout the year students will be provided with enrichment through the use of automated accounting practices and its application to accounting systems.

Business Law & Government/Business Law

Half (1/2) year (1/2) Credit or One (1) year; One (1) credit

Prerequisite: Grade 10-12

Business Law and Government as a ½ unit business course are related to the social studies Participation in Government learning standards. This course is designed to prepare students for successful relations with and between government and business. The course stresses citizenship and participation in the electoral process, as well as the legal obligation of citizens and how public policy is operated. The course also addresses the legal rights and responsibilities of the individual in civil life, the workplace, school, and the international community. Current Events is a vital part of the course.

Participation in Government is a required course. If taking Business Law and Government in its place, the student must pass this course to meet the graduation requirement.

Those who take the full year will extend the learning further and receive a full credit of law while also satisfying the Participation in Government graduation requirement. The full-year course studies the applications of law as they affect the individual. It addresses general problems in the areas of criminal and juvenile justice, torts, consumer, family, and individual rights law. The course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities, knowledge of everyday legal problems, and the ability to analyze, evaluate and in some situations, resolve legal disputes.

Career and Financial Management

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

This half-unit course is required as part of every career and technical education (CTE) program. Its purpose is to provide each student with the opportunity to learn about the features of our economy, explore a variety of careers, learn the skills and competencies needed for success in the workplace and to begin to become financially literate.

Video Game Design

Half (1/2) year, Half (1/2) credit


ALICE is educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D format.

The software makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. This introductory computing teaching tool uses 3D graphics and drag-and-drop interface to facilitate a more engaging, less frustrating first programming experience.

Web Page Design

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

Students will learn how to use the Expression Web interface: plan and create a Web site and Web pages; add text and links; structure text with HTML and style text with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); work with pictures; enhance a design with CSS; design site navigation; and test a website. They will also learn how to import files and work with list-based navigation, as well as CSS-based rollovers, scrolling sidebars, attached images print style sheets, and Dynamic Web Templates.

Every Other Year Classes:

Integrated Office Technology I

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

The purpose of this half-year course is to provide hands-on, learn-by-doing lessons to each student with essential computer application knowledge required in the business world, college, and personal use as well. GSuite is used to cover the following units of instruction: Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawing, and Forms. This course is designed for students who desire to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, and print basic online documents.

Integrated Office Technology II

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

Prerequisite: Integrated Office Technology I

This one-semester course has a prerequisite of Integrated Office Technology I. Integrated Office Technology II builds upon prior instruction and seeks to develop occupational competencies. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to create sophisticated documents, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, and desktop publishing projects. Additionally, the students will complete a real-world simulation workbook. Each simulation will require the creation of professional, workplace-ready documents and presentations.

Business and Office Administration

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

Prerequisite: Integrated Office Technology I (Integrated Office Technology II a plus)

Students engage in realistic activities by role-playing as employees of a corporation. This course integrates skills, written communication, and administrative and technological skills required to prepare the student for the 21st century. Students work with internet, e-mail, electronic scheduling, presentation graphics, and other computerized activities utilizing word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing software and more.

Desktop Publishing I

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

This course is designed for the creative at heart. Students will learn various layout and graphic print media techniques widely used in the business industry. Each student takes on the role of a desktop publisher and must create various documents in a timely fashion. Examples of such documents are letterhead, signs, window displays, personal business cards, tri-fold flyers, certificates, coupons, etc.

Desktop Publishing II

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

Prerequisite: Desktop Publishing I

Students are expected to complete a real-world simulation workbook. Each class member will be required to submit for approval a business proposal which will name them as the owner of a new business due to open in the near future. Depending on the type of business they choose, each simulation will require the design and creation of various documents needed to begin their new venture as an aspiring entrepreneur.