Family & Consumer Science

Students pursuing a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation may substitute a five-unit sequence in Family and Consumer Science Education for the three-unit sequence in Languages other than English.

Course Rotation Schedule

Courses Offered Every Year

  • Food Science
  • Food & Nutrition I
  • Food & Nutrition II
  • College in the High School Psychology

Courses Offered Every Other Year

  • Global & Gourmet Foods
  • Parenting
  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Housing & Interior Design

Food and Nutrition I

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

This course is a hands-on culinary course that explores the exciting world of food preparation and nutrition. This course includes an in-depth look at diet, major food groups, and meal management while incorporating key cooking and baking techniques. Students will complete projects both in the kitchen and classroom. Exploration of alternative diets, nutrients in the body, and overall wellness are essential to a healthy lifestyle. This course provides the basic foundation for Food Science, Food and Nutrition II, and International Foods.

Food and Nutrition II

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

Prerequisite: Food and Nutrition

This course is a hands-on continuation of Food and Nutrition. This course includes a more in-depth look into the world of baking. Students will focus on proper meal planning, budgeting, and careers related to the culinary industry.

Global & Gourmet Foods
(Formerly International Foods)

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

Prerequisite: Food and Nutrition or permission from the instructor

This course is a hands-on course in which students will explore a variety of culture-specific foods and preparation techniques. Students will gain a better understanding of how America became the melting pot with influence from all around the world. Students will examine their own cultural background and how food has shaped the people we are today. Ever wonder how gourmet food is created? Students will get a hands-on approach to what it means to be an international gourmet chef. Travel around the world to gain an understanding of cultural diversity and unique culinary traditions.

Food Science

One (1) year; One (1) credit

Prerequisite: Grade 11, 12

Food Science is the study of the nature of food and the principles of its production, processing, preservation, and packaging. With a primary focus on the effect food has on the body, this course is designed for students who wish to gain a better understanding of the effect of nutrients in the body. Students will need to be familiar with concepts from biology, chemistry, and physics.

Additional knowledge of food preparation and nutrition is helpful. Food Science is a one-unit course designed to meet the third unit of science required for graduation. Lab class required with class


Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

Students will learn how to develop effective parenting skills. How to create a nurturing home environment, effective behavior modification, child safety, and nutrition are key topics explored throughout this course. Students will take a look at the impact parenting has on the overall well-being of a child beginning at birth throughout adolescence. Students will take home the Baby-Think-It-Over for a simulated parenting experience.

Fashion and Textiles

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

Are you interested in the exciting world of fashion? This course includes an overview of fashion throughout history and continues onto current trends and projections. Students will evaluate influential factors on dress, appearance, and personality. Hands-on sewing projects are a requirement throughout this course.

Housing and Interior Design

Half (1/2) year; Half (1/2) credit

This course provides the opportunity to explore the world of interior design. Designing floor plans, furniture, and landscaping are all part of this course. Content includes problem-solving and decision making while managing time, energy, and interior space to create sustainable spaces for the future

College in the High School Psychology

One (1) year; One (1) credit

The district is seeking University in High School (SUNY Albany) College in High School (Fulton-Montgomery Community College) credits. If available, students will have the option to register with the college, pay for and receive college credits.

Prerequisite: Grade 11, 12

Interested in why people behave and think the way they do? This course explores the ever-expanding world of psychology. Students will examine behaviors and mental processes and review scientific careers available in psychology. Not only will we explore the popular psychologist throughout history, but students will conduct various experiments of their own to make their own conclusions regarding behavior, based on historical research. This course is designed for students with a high interest in psychology, looking to pursue studies in psychology in the future. Students will study the lifespan, unconscious thought, foundations of research, case studies, learning and reasoning, psychological disorders and body and behavior under the wide umbrella of psychology.