Supplemental Educational Services

Supplemental Educational Services are free academic assistance or tutoring programs for eligible students. The services may be offered after school, on weekends at the school, at the provider’s center, at a library, on-line, or sometimes at a student’s home. SES programs are provided to eligible students by many educational organizations that have been approved by the New York State Education Department. Parents of eligible students must apply at their school to receive SES for their child.

Which students are eligible for services?

A student is eligible to receive Supplemental Educational Services if he or she is currently enrolled at Canajoharie Middle School and qualifies for the school’s free or reduced-price meal program (students do not need to be receiving free or reduced lunch, only qualify for it).

Why is Canajoharie Middle School School required to offer SES to eligible students?

Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002, schools must reach what is called “adequate yearly progress” (AYP) in achieving state academic standards based on student performance on the New York State English Language Arts and Mathematics exams. Canajoharie Middle School School did not meet AYP in 2011, and has been identified by the NYS Education Department as a School In Need of Improvement. Schools In Need of Improvement must offer eligible students SES.

List of SES providers