August 13 | Update from superintendent on reopening plan

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far! This letter is in regard to the 2021-22 school year.

I wanted to reach out to everyone and give a quick update on the reopening plan. As of today we are still looking at guidelines and procedures. Due to a shift in the Governor’s office, new guidance from the NYSED and a possible update with the new Governor, we are hoping to have a plan by the middle of next week. We are trying to curb the amount of updates and changes that may occur due to the different stakeholder groups shifting different recommendations and input. Just as we have done throughout the past 18 months, we will be working with the Montgomery County Department of Health to formulate a plan and guidance for the school year. At this time I do expect to have full in-person instruction for the school year for all grade levels
with regular start and dismissal times from 2019-20.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and we will be in communication soon. Thank you.

Dr. Nick Fitzgerald
Superintendent of Schools