Budget and Finance

Budget & Finance

2019-20 Budget Info

Developing the annual school budget proposal is a year-round process that involves the Canajoharie Board of Education, as well as district and school leaders.

On the third Tuesday of each May, that process culminates when residents go to the polls to vote on a school budget proposal for the following year and to elect Board of Education members.

This year’s school budget vote and Board of Education election will take place on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Polls will be open from 12 noon to 9 p.m. at Canajoharie High School.

  • Total Budget: $22,576,960
  • Spending Decrease: 0.80%
  • Tax Levy Increase: 3.50%
  • Use of Fund Balance: $395,000

Tax Collector

Laura Pamkowski, 518-673-5045, laura.pamkowski@canjo.org

Look Up a Tax Bill

To look up a tax bill visit the Montgomery County Tax Bill Search and View page.

Residents to decide on proposed $22.58 million budget on May 21

Budget Reductions

The following is a detailed list of reductions the district made in the 2019-20 proposed budget as well as the rationale behind each decision.

Reduction Area Reduced Actual Amount Rationale
Eliminate Golf Athletics $3,750 Golf is a lower enrolled sport. The district has submitted a request to combine with another district.
Reduce uniform purchases Athletics $6,100 Uniform rotation was re-adjusted. The swim team will be asked to purchase own suits, as they are not reusable. The baseball team will be asked to purchase baseball hats are not reusable
Eliminate Cross Country Nordic Skiing Athletics $5,200 Nordic cross country is a lower enrolled sport.
Eliminate JV football scrimmages Athletics $6,875 JV teams are decreasing and it is more and more difficult to find playing opportunities at that level. The district is considering a reconfiguration of football into grades 7-9 and 10-12. This is in line with other actions by other districts in the conference and Section 2.
BOCES Curriculum position BOCES $58,000 District administration and teachers will support the implementation of NextGen and other Standards with NextGen teacher team and department chairs.
CTE Program Cost BOCES $30,000 Reduced costs of CTE program per HFM BOCES
ENL position BOCES $45,000 This is a need that has been a challenge to staff. For the next school year, the needs of our students will be met through a split position with School Family Facilitator
Communications Service BOCES $22,300 This service was reduced to a Tier I Enhanced service
Eliminate Catholic Charities contract Contractual $14,040 The district will reallocate existing personnel to meet counseling needs
Board of Education expenses District $1,500 The board reduced expenditures related to board operations
Reduce district newsletter by one District $2,200 The district will publish one newsletter in the fall and the required budget newsletter in the spring.
Stop Culligan water Facilities $2,700 The district will use available water sources
MS Tables Purchase Facilities $4,200 Reduced at the request of a teacher
Reduce O/M budget for repairs Facility $10,000 Reduced areas of equipment & building repair
Reduce Refund of Property Taxes Finance $6,000 Reduced area based on historical expenditures
Salary move to Title I grant Personnel $75,000 This movement reduces professional salary costs in the district budget. Moved 0.5 FTE K-8 school counselor and 0.5 FTE teacher (School Family Facilitator).
Fill MS Special Ed internally Personnel $55,000 Reallocation of existing personnel to meet mandated needs
Reduce .6 FTE Science teacher Personnel $31,000 One year position, HS will rotate courses accordingly
Fill Elem teacher internally Personnel $86,270 Reallocation of existing personnel
Do not fill K-8 Counseling Secretary Personnel $37,000 Redistribute tasks among other clerical positions
Abolish one 8 hr monitor position Personnel $22,000 The capital project renovations at East Hill reduce the need for one security monitor
Eliminate Conscious Discipline training Program $8,000 Offer training using school trained staff
T-shirts: East Hill/ HS Program $7,000 Look for other revenue source – sponsors, businesses
Eliminate driver’s ed Program $6,500 Will not be provided summer or school year. Students will be redirected to other local options
SAT prep course Program $5,000 Eliminate payment for the course offered through Community Education.
HS Science Supplies Supplies $2,000 Reduction of supplies per the Science Department
Mileage for extracurricular trips Trans $3,500 Reduced – this was just added to the budget in 2018 2019
Finance minivan purchase Trans $18,500 Finance over five years to sync with transportation state aid distribution
Total: $574,635

NOTE: No out of state conference attendance next year

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