Budget Vote and Board of Education – Update

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been some substantial changes to the voting process.  Per the current executive order from Governor Cuomo, the new budget vote date is Tuesday, June 9, 2020.    The vote will be done by mail-in ballot that will be sent to current residents that have voted on the budget within the last four years.  If you have not received a ballot by Thursday, May 28th please contact the district office at 518-673-6302 or email Andrea Muhlebeck, District Clerk at andrea.muhlebeck@canjo.org.   A postcard will be mailed out during the week of May 11-15 stating when the budget vote will happen as well.   

Included on the ballot will be the budget vote, the board of education candidates, bus leasing proposition, and the student board representative.  Information on the budget will be available through the newsletter that will be mailed and the annual District Budget Proposal.  The proposal will be available online starting May 22.  In addition, the annual budget hearing will take place on Thursday, May 28th at 6:30 pm via Webex.  Information on how to connect to the hearing will be posted on the website the week of the hearing.  There are two open board of education seats, a five-year term, and a two-year term, which is the remainder of a seat vacated in 2019  The candidate for the five-year term is current president, Mark Brody.  The candidate for the two-year seat is the current board member, Hedi Meka.  The annual bus leasing proposition that is usually conducted in March each year is included on the ballot.   The district will be leasing three, 66 passenger busses for five years.   There is no tax implication with the lease.  The cost has already been established with a reserve fund.   In addition, we are reimbursed for 86% of the total cost.   Finally, we established a student board of education representative four years ago and would like to continue with the opportunity.