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Canajoharie 2016-17 school tax levy increase eliminated

As a result of additional, unanticipated state aid the district received in 2015-16, the Canajoharie Central School District Board of Education has set tax levy for 2016-17 with no increase from last year.

In May, voters approved a 2016-17 budget that increased the local tax levy by two-tenths of 1 percent, or $15,907. As a result of state aid for 2015-16 coming in slightly higher than projected, the board of education at its August meeting voted to eliminate the tax levy increase for this year. The 2016-17 school property tax levy will be 6,982,081, which is equal to the 2015-16 levy.

“The year-end review of our revenues in July showed that the district had received more state aid than expected for last year. As a result of that additional, unanticipated revenue, we are able to pass a savings on to the local taxpayer without cutting programs for our students,” Superintendent Deborah Grimshaw said.