Canajoharie Central School District announces $5.7 million capital project

CANAJOHARIE – The Canajoharie Central School District has announced at $5.7 million capital project referendum that will go to a public vote Tuesday, Dec. 7.
The proposed capital project will have a zero percent impact on the tax levy for the residents of the Canajoharie Central School District, and will address necessary infrastructure needs. 
“As our facilities continue to age, it is crucial that we focus on the maintenance issues to ensure we have functional buildings and grounds. It is hard to believe for example that our high school and transportation buildings are 20 years old,” said Superintendent Dr. Nick Fitzgerald. “We love that the school district is the epicenter of the community and we want to continue to use our buildings for not only school related
activities but for the community as well. Due to the vision of the Board of Education and administration, the district made sure there were reserve funds so there was no impact to the taxpayers. We understand the times we are in and made sure we took that into account. This project allows us to achieve many goals.”
State law requires that the district only use capital reserve funds for construction projects, and it can only spend the money with voter approval. The residents previously approved the creation of a capital reserve fund to offset costs for projects. The Board of Education allocated the reserve funds to ensure there was no tax impact for the project.

The district will hold a public information session on the project at 6 p.m. on November 23 in the High School auditorium.

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