Canajoharie Central School District Spreads Kindness During National Anti-Bullying Month of October with a Pre K – 12 Event

The first ever Canajoharie Pre K – 12 event was based on the theme of ‘Kindness’ during the National Anti-Bullying Month of October. The event was coordinated by the high school STAR committee.

STAR (Student Teacher Activity Rally) consists of the Canajoharie High School faculty, staff, administration and a committee of students. STAR’s mission is not only to teach students academically, but to also instill in them an aspiration to be good people, citizens, advocates, and future adults. Each of the nine high school STAR teams divided into grade level groups and performed a demonstration and activity about choosing your words and how to show kindness in their school community.

Seven types of activities were demonstrated. One activity the older students spearheaded was the toothpaste demonstration – a demonstration about choosing your words. The activity included squeezing out toothpaste on a paper plate. One labeled ‘toothpaste’ and the other ‘your words.’ Try to imagine your words as toothpaste. Once the words are out – they’re out!  The activity taught the students to use their words to be kind to others. To use their words to cheer someone on or to make someone feel better. Their words can also be used to make someone laugh! The students learned not to be mean with their words. Once those words are out, they cannot squeeze them back into the tube!

Canajoharie high school’s STAR initiative, now in its fourth year, continues to flourish with monthly activities designed to build school spirit, encourage student relationships among each other and their teachers/staff and to help them work towards common goal, personal and academic growth.