Canajoharie CSD Welcomes New Staff

The new school year is underway in Canajoharie! Two new teachers are entering their first year with the district in East Hill Elementary and the Middle School, and they come from a variety of backgrounds!

Canajoharie Central School District welcomes Carlie Perretta and Andrea Toher.

Headshot of Carlie Perretta

Perretta will teach eighth-grade science/Earth Science.

Perretta earned a bachelor’s degree in Adolescent Education and Earth Science from SUNY Oneonta.

“My ballet teacher inspired me to go into teaching,” Perretta said. “When I was younger, I was given the opportunity to be her assistant while teaching some of the younger ballet students and I absolutely loved it.”

Perretta grew up in New York Mills, NY. In her free time, she likes to run, hike, and ski. She likes to read, watch movies, and binge watches the TV show, “The Office.” Her favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

“I look forward to inspiring some of the students to go into the field of science. I was inspired by my middle/high school science teachers and I hope to have a similar impact on my students.”

Headshot of Andrea Toher

Toher will teach first-grade.

Toher began teaching pre-kindergarten in 2004 in Little Falls, NY and taught there for 14 years.

Toher graduated from The College of Saint Rose in Albany with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Reading.

“Growing up, I always wanted to become a teacher.”

Toher grew up in Ilion, NY and currently resides in Canajoharie with her husband, Chris, and two children, Brady and Natalie.

In her free time, Toher loves camping, hiking, and spending time with her family. Her favorite food is spaghetti.

“I am looking forward to watching my students learn and grow. I am honored to be a member of the Canajoharie School District.”

Headshot of Lauren Goldman

Goldman will teach grades seventh and eighth Library Classes at Canajoharie Middle School and will work with teachers helping them integrate new technology into the classroom as well with working with students directly in classrooms at all grade levels.

Goldman grew up in Altamont, NY and attended Altamont Elementary, Farnsworth Middle School, Guilderland High School. Received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Sage College of Albany; master of Science in Information Science (Library Science) from University at Albany, SUNY.

“In my free time, I read across multiple fiction genres and nonfiction categories,” Goldman said. “I also write poetry, short stories, and songs which is why I sometimes call myself the ‘Lyricist Librarian.’ I love to listen to music and sing, all genres of music. I still enjoy dance: ballet, tap, and jazz, but I also like to walk and shoot hoops (basketball) for exercise as well.”

From Goldman’s time as Assistant Arts and Crafts Director at a Summer Camp, she can make friendship bracelets, lanyards, and tie-dye.

“My family inspired me to go into teaching. I saw firsthand how my mother, aunt, and a few older cousins made worlds of difference in the lives of children and I knew I had to get into any field that empowers young people in the way teachers can.”

Like the Disney princess, Merida, Goldman enjoys archery and has good aim. “I do not own any equipment. I learned from two days, a year apart, at the Altamont Fair and one session at Dick’s Sporting Goods.”

Goldman looks forward to getting to know everyone!

“My goal is to know the names and faces of all one thousand or so students by the end the year. We shall see how close I get!”