Canajoharie High School graduation rate at 92 percent

The five-year graduation rate at Canajoharie High School increased to 92 percent, according to the recently released 2015-16 state school report card. The school’s previous five-year graduation rate was 84 percent.

“It is important to note that the district consciously plans for some students to graduate in five years and we continue to support them as they work to achieve their high school diploma,” Superintendent Deborah Grimshaw said.

According to the school report card, districtwide enrollment continues to decline, in line with the projections offered in a Future Options Study commissioned by the Board of Education in 2015. Canajoharie enrollment stands at 905 students, according to the data. Increasing in the district is the percentage of students who are economically disadvantaged. The percentage of those students increased to 55 percent across the district, up from 51 percent the previous year.

According to the report card, the district did not meet Adequate Yearly Progress for the 3-8 assessments as a result of not having a 95 percent participation rate during the tests. While it is not consistent across all the assessments, in certain grade levels some student subgroups who participated in the assessment met the target performance index.

Overall assessment results indicate that the subgroups of economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities continue to be an area in need of improvement at the building and district levels.

The complete data set from the school report card can be found here: