Canajoharie school water testing underway

To help protect the health students and staff, water used for drinking and cooking in Canajoharie school buildings is being tested for lead.

A new state law passed on Sept. 6 requires that samples be collected from all faucets and other sources of potable water in public elementary schools by Sept. 30 and at secondary schools by Oct. 31. The new law requires the district to send the samples for lead testing at a certified laboratory. Water outlets at the East Hill Elementary School were sampled before the Sept. 30 deadline and outlets at the middle and high school will be sampled this month.

Test results will be posted on the district website and parents and guardians will be notified should contamination be detected.

If lead contamination is detected, the outlet where it was found will immediately be taken out of service. Follow-up sampling will determine whether the faucet or the piping is the source of the lead, and once a determination is made, remediation work can begin.