Canajoharie third graders raise funds to help fight world poverty

Recognizing that we have the power to help change the lives of others in need, third graders at the East Hill Elementary School recently decided to collect money to help people living in poverty.

This holiday season the students in Mrs. Giarrizzo’s, Mrs. Towse’s, and Mr. Eggelston classes collected money to donate to Word Vision, a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide. The money will be used to purchase 10 pairs of chickens that will be donated to families in need.

The third graders got the idea while learning about children from other countries in social studies. Working with School Librarian Audrey Maldonado, the classes read the book One Hen, by Katie Smith Milway. Inspired by true events, the book tells the story of a boy from Ghana who uses a small loan to buy a hen. Over time, he sells eggs, purchases more hens and starts a large farm employing many people.

Third grade classroom of children smiling while one student holding the book One Hen by Katie Smith Milway Third grade age students smiling for the camera Third grade age students smiling for the camera