Capital Project Renovations Close Access to the Track

The district’s approved capital project work on the track and field resurfacing began on May 1, 2019.

The resurfacing of the track and field area is expected to take several months. During this time, the track and field area will not be available for use.

“The track resurfacing component of the capital project is part of a regular maintenance schedule, so our students will have a safe and appropriate track and field environment,” Superintendent Deborah Grimshaw said.

“The completion of this project will allow our track and field team to host invitational tournaments.”

The path between the East Hill/Middle School complex and the High School will also be closed. Students and the community will have access to the playground only.

Construction safety fencing has been put into place to provide a barrier.

“Safety during the construction is our top priority,” Grimshaw stated.

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