Capital Project Update – April 30, 2019

Capital Project update: April 30, 2019 – 

Capital project work began over spring break.

  • The floor at the East Hill Great Room was removed. The design for the new floor was finalized.
  • Asbestos was removed in the connecting corridor between East Hill and the Middle School. This was a small removal project. An outside company conducted air quality samples throughout the removal, all tests were successful and the area was cleared and returned for student use.

Additional work begins this week. This is what you can expect:

  • On May 1, work begins on the track and field area. There will be fencing and equipment staged near the area. Students and staff moving between buildings on the connecting path will need to mindful of the track work and attentive to the safety fencing.
  • This week contractors will begin staging equipment and materials at all building locations. Areas designated for construction staging will be secured by fencing. Please be mindful of these areas.
  • On May 6, interior work at the MS begins. Two classrooms at the entrance are being renovated as the main office. The renovation work will be conducted during a second work shift (after school hours) so there is no disruption to school operations. Classes for Mr. DiVisconti and Mrs. Claudia Rockwell have been relocated for the remainder of the year.

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