Capital Project

At a glance

The $4,986,750 project will complete renovations at all district buildings. Work includes security, heating/cooling, lighting, and other infrastructure updates. This is the first phase of a multi-phase district facilities improvement plan.

Voters also approved a new Capital Reserve fund for the district. The new fund will begin with just over $50,000 and the Board of Education 
plans to add an additional $750,000 from the existing fund balance to help offset costs.

State and current district funds will cover about 83 percent of project costs. With the approvals, the estimated annual cost for a homeowner in the district will be $2.25 per $100,000 of assessed property value financed over 15 years.

Detailed scope, cost of the project by building: 


Wood warps. Stone cracks. Roofs leak. Lights go out. Technologies improve. Over time, buildings need renovations and updates. The same wear and tear you encounter at home also happens to aging school buildings.

Canajoharie Central School District residents approved two propositions including a $4,986,750 renovation project on Dec. 5.

The renovations are the first phase of a multi-phase plan to control costs while also renovating and updating infrastructure throughout the district.

State and district funds will pay for roughly 83 percent of the work leaving about $923,000 to be paid with local funds.

With that in mind, voters also improved the creation of a new Capital Reserve fund that will have a 10-year lifespan and a lifetime deposit cap of $2 million. The fund will start with $51,916 from a previously expired capital fund. The Board of Education plans to add $750,000 from the district’s existing fund balance into the new fund.

Creation of this fund will allow school officials to reduce the financial impact of the proposed renovations.

The estimated annual cost for a homeowner in the district will be an estimated $2.25 per $100,000 of assessed property value. The proposed project will be financed over 15 years.

The renovation work would be overseen by the SEI Design group in Albany.

School officials will provide monthly updates as they proceed with design, review, and bidding processes that will take place throughout 2018 and into 2019.

At that point, and pending any unforeseen delays, construction would begin in the summer of 2019.

The work will address five major areas:


Security vestibules will be upgraded in all of the district’s schools.

Electronic locks will be installed on interior doors and upgrades will be made to video equipment on building exteriors.

Heating and Cooling

Custodial and maintenance staff have done an outstanding job keeping facilities in good condition.

 However, key parts and temperature control mechanisms will be replaced throughout the district to maintain system efficiency and keep long-term costs down.


There are more than 300,000 lighting fixtures throughout the Canajoharie school buildings. Many of these are fluorescent or incandescent fixtures.

These will be upgraded with light-emitting diodes – more commonly known as LEDs – that typically require less maintenance and are more energy efficient, leading to energy savings for the district.

Roofing, boilers, room work

Roof maintenance is planned for the East Hill/Middle School complex.

Inside the building, the steam boilers in the East Hill/Middle School complex will be upgraded to more efficient hot water heaters.

Work will also be done on the middle school main office, teacher’s rooms and gym.

Track resurfacing

The track that rings the football field behind the high school has been weathered. The surface of the track will be refinished.