Closure, Instructional Plans, State Testing, Food Service Update

April 9, 2020

Closure Update:
As you may be aware, the Governor has extended the school closure until April 29 with a return date of April 30 As per his executive order, school districts must still provide instruction, foodservice and help with finding child care options if needed for essential workers during this time.   Due to this order, there is no spring break.   As you know this is a situation that changes rapidly and new and updated information will continue to come out.   Please make sure you are checking the website regularly.
Instructional Plans:
Attached are updated instructional plans for the middle and high school that will begin on Monday.   Teachers will be sending out information as well.   The new plans explain and organize what courses teachers will be covering each day.   The current plan at the elementary will stay the same and teachers will be posting weekly activity schedules starting Monday.    Please reach out to your teachers and principal if you have any questions.   Report cards were sent out on Wednesday, April 8 for the 3rd quarter.   The grading was primarily based on the first seven weeks of the 3rd quarter and any additional work that a student might have made up during the three-week closure.  It is very important that as we go through the 4th quarter that students keep up with their work to ensure that they pass their courses for this school year.
State Testing:
All grades 3-8 NYS testing and regents exams have been cancelled.  Students who are currently taking a regents course will receive credit for both the course and regents if they pass the course this year.   If a student passed a regents course last year but failed the exam, the student will also receive course and regents credit.  If a student fails a regents course, the student will have to take the course during summer school (information will be coming out in early June) or during the next school year.   If the student takes the course during the next school year they will have to take the regents exam.   Please contact your guidance counselor or principal if you have any other questions on this topic.
Food Service:
Food service will continue as stated above.   We will be delivering on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.   If you have a regular bus stop, the bus will stop between 8 am and 9 am.  If you do not have a bus stop, you can pick up the food at either the high school or the Arkell Library parking lot.
If you are having issues or problems with technology and cannot connect to the internet, google classroom or google meets, please fill out the following form:
We are all in this together!  We all know this is a trying time for every single person and family.   We are here to help if you need anything ranging from instruction, to food delivery, counseling, and technology.  Please reach out to your teacher, counselor, or principal for any and all questions.    We want to thank everyone for the time, effort, and work ethic during this entire time.   It takes everyone to make it happen.   We have all done an exceptional job of flipping the entire educational model in just three weeks!
In closing, we are here for all of you and that includes students and families and we will get through this very tough time together.