COVID-19 testing to begin in district

Dear Canajoharie CSD Family,

The following letter is in regard to COVID-19 testing in our schools.

As we move forward with the pandemic and increasing the amount of in-person instruction and other activities, we would like to begin COVID-19 testing within our district.

We now have a number of rapid tests mentioned in previous communications, and have developed a testing plan. This district plan does not need a certain amount of people to volunteer in order to stay open to in-person instruction. This is a plan to assure that as we bring more students back and increase activities that we are doing everything we can to evaluate the situation. Testing within this plan would be voluntary and randomly conducted with a set percentage of staff and students who have consented.

Student testing would take place on Monday mornings prior to the school day. Parents/guardians would be contacted on the Friday prior to confirm the student testing, as well as given additional instructions and information. We would ask that students being tested be driven into school on that day at 7:40 am. Anyone receiving a test would report directly to a designated area inside the school and the test would be conducted at that point. If the result is negative, the student would then report to class. If the result is positive, the student would be isolated and sent home to quarantine and receive further guidance from the Department of Health. By conducting the tests on Monday morning we reduce the risk and scope of others being quarantined in the event of a positive case. Faculty and staff testing will be conducted on a separate schedule.

If you would like your child(ren) to be put into a random sample for possible testing, please visit our website and click COVID Testing Form221 on the top of the page and fill out the entire form for each child. This testing is not available to fully remote students, only hybrid and in-person. Please submit the form by Monday, March 1 to be considered . All of the students will be pooled and chosen at random to fill the weekly percentage quota. Additional details are contained in the link, however, should you have any questions please email me at or call the office at the number below. If you do not want your child(ren) tested, no action is required, as we will only take the students from the forms submitted.

As we have done throughout this pandemic, the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and families is our top priority. Thank you.


Dr. Nick Fitzgerald
Superintendent of Schools