School Counseling and Support Services

The Canajoharie High School School Counseling Office is dedicated to improving student success by delivering programs that address students’ academic, career, and personal/social needs. The School Counseling Program is an integral part of Canajoharie High School’s academic program.

The School Counseling Office provides a comprehensive program addressing the American School Counselor Association:

Program planning for the 2019-2020 school year

Freshmen through juniors attended the presentation titled, Program, Career & College Planning in mid-December. Students reviewed and selected courses for next year.

Preliminary course requests were included with progress reports distributed on Dec. 21.

Students and parents/guardians are invited to meet with Mrs. Rose for individual annual review meetings to review academic progress, graduation requirements, future plans and finalize course selections.

Students should make appointments in the counseling center beginning January 2.

Senior & College Level Semester Classes

Canajoharie High School currently offers the following senior/college level, semester classes:

  • Accounting I
  • UHS Accounting
  • English 12
  • AP English
  • CHS PreCalculus
  • CHS Algebra
  • UHS/AP Calculus
  • Financial Math
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • AP Biology
  • AP Government and Economics
  • Applied Physics
  • CHS Spanish
  • CHS French
  • Food Science


Naviance keeps track of recent CHS college applications, student statistics, and admissions decisions. Students and parents now have access to a wide range of college admissions and career search information.

College Visits

Throughout the year, representatives from colleges and universities around the country visit our school to meet with interested students. If you want to meet with a college representative, get a pass from the School Counseling Office that morning.

After School

Available every Wednesday. Sign-up in the Main Office for the bus.

Social Work and Community Resources


Outside Help

Academic Development, Test Information

Career Exploration

College Exploration

College Fairs

Financial Aid Information

Military Opportunities

Student-Athlete Information

Personal/Social Development