East Hill Elementary safety meeting report

Leaders in the Canajoharie Central School District gathered with the public on Jan. 22 to discuss the security and safety of East Hill Elementary School.

East Hill Principal Stacey Ward sent over the following report about the productive meeting:

A huge thank you to staff members Jeanne, Ann Marie, Michele N and Caresse for participating [in the meetings]. Twelve parents, [Superintendent Deborah] Grimshaw and four Board of Education members were also present. 

This is a summary of three discussion groups, similar comments are next to one another:

1. What safety updates do you believe are the most beneficial in providing your child a safe learning environment?

• Cameras/cameras/cameras/cameras
• Training staff
• Person at window/new monitor positions/Window position/2 safety monitors
• New entrance procedures
• Supervision/awareness/Aides on playground
• No (limited) guests
• Communication methods

2. Of the safety updates implemented, what needs some fine tuning?

• Verifying IDs
• Updated cameras/updated camera systems district-wide
• Escorting students
• Less restrictive feeling for parents, they feel “pushed out”
• Keys for aides/subs during lockdowns
• More info on background checks– what do you do for someone without a license?
• PDF for school letters (and publish/archive online)

3. What additional measures and/or changes would you like to see as part of East Hill School’s safety updates?

• Balance between safety and fostering student independence
• Dismissal
• More parent volunteers
• Safety glass entrance/bullet proof glass for street level classrooms
• Buzzers for exit doors/Door alarm system in and out
• List of approved individuals for student pick-up
• Aides/teachers not on phones in hallway or outside
• Student buddy system in hallway walking
• Summer program safety during free meal program