East Hill third-grade teacher to appear on Family Feud

The six members of the Logan family stand on stage during their Family Feud appearance.
The Logan family on the set of Family Feud. From left: Vinnie Logan, Kelsey Logan, Kamille Logan, Jordyn Logan and Ariannah Logan. Photo courtesy of Ariannah Logan

A member of our Canajoharie Central School District family is ready to play the feud! 


Canajoharie Central School District third-grade teacher Ariannah Logan and her family will appear on Family Feud 6 p.m. tonight, Jan. 23, on the CW.


Logan and four members of her family — her mother and father, Kamille and Vinnie Logan, and her sisters Kelsey and Jordyn Logan — all got the chance to play “The Feud.”


Logan said that in 2020, her mother sent the family a screenshot of an ad on Facebook that said Family Feud was looking for upstate New York families. 


“She sent this as a joke, but I took it upon myself to sign us up for an interview. I had to submit videos/pictures of our family and tell a little about ourselves. Three days later, I got an email from Family Feud saying they wanted to schedule an interview with our family. We interviewed in December of 2020, and that is when our journey began,” Logan said.


The Logans initially planned for all six members of their family to be interviewed, including Isiah Logan, but due to the fact that only five were allowed on the show,  the family was only able to bring the three oldest children. 


After being accepted, the family was flown down to Atlanta, Georgia., on May 30, 2022. Filming took place at Trilith Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia, where many Marvel Studios films and television shows were produced.


Logan said the biggest surprise for her was just how different it was to play the game at the studio. 


“Playing the game in person is completely different than just playing on your couch at home. The lights, cameras, live audience, and Steve Harvey had our nerves through the roof! I didn’t realize how much it takes just to film a show for television,” she said.  


Getting to spend quality time with her family and living in the moment was Logan’s favorite part of being on the show.


“The second we got to the studio, the staff took our phones, and all we had to focus on was right in front of us. I have never laughed so hard. I was with some of the most important people in my life. When I look back on this experience, I am so thankful and grateful,” she said. 

Logan is thankful for the opportunity to take part in the experience with her family and for the help the district offered her. 


“My favorite part about being a member of the Canajoharie CSD family is the support and love that I was given from our administration as well as the teacher I work with,” she said. “From the second I asked (East Hill Principal) Alicia D’ambrosio and (Superintendent) Dr. Nick Fitzgerald if I could take time off to go and experience this with my family, the two of them didn’t even second guess it. They have been so supportive of this, and I am grateful for that. Also, my third grade team helped keep my classroom in place while I was gone. I am very lucky to be a part of such an amazing school family.”


When asked if the experience made her think about advice she has for her students, Logan said, “To my students, if you want something, go for it! Even if you think it is out of reach. You never know what might happen!”