#Fill2Feed aims to bring Derek Jeter to Canajoharie

Use #Fill2Feed, #JetersLeaders, #Turn2, #Re2pect and tag @derekjeter and @jeterturn2 to try to coax Yankee All-Timer to town

Last year, it was one bus and Jimmy Fallon. This year, the Canajoharie High School’s Student-Teacher Action Rally (STAR) is trying to fill two school buses with food donations and use social media to grab the attention of the best New York Yankee ever to wear No. 2, Derek Jeter.

“Such a huge undertaking truly takes everyone’s support,” said history teacher Philip Horender, who is one of STAR’s advisors. “We have such generous people here in Canajoharie that we want to help twice as many families in need and to help spread twice as much compassion as we did last year.”

Donations will be taken to food pantries, churches and local organizations throughout Montgomery County. The school is looking to collect four major kinds of food/products to fill the buses:

  • Nonperishable food items (canned vegetables, pastas, cereals, peanut butter, sauces, condiments, etc.).
  • Drinks (especially bottled water).
  • Child care products (diapers, wipes, baby formula).
  • Paper-based products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues).

Donations can be dropped off:

  • During regular school hours (call the high school – 518-673-6302 – for large donations).
  • By giving them to a Canajoharie High School student.
  • At any open evening event (sports games, open houses, concerts, etc.).
  • In boxes outside of the school during weekends or off-times.

Monetary donations can be given in the form of gift cards to local supermarkets.

Buses will be loaded with donations on Tuesday, November 21.

One of the goals that the school has for the event is to leverage the power of social media to coax New York Yankee all-time great Derek Jeter to visit the school. Jeter played minor league ball for the Albany-Colonie Yankees in the mid-1990s and is a shoe-in for election into Cooperstown’s Baseball Hall of Fame in 2020. Organizers are hoping to give Jeter an early look at the area where he will be enshrined.

“If you are donating or picking up items for the drive, use the hashtags #Fill2Feed, #JetersLeaders, #Turn2, #Re2pect and be sure to tag @derekjeter and @jeterturn2,” Horender said. “His Turn 2 Foundation is committed to helping young adults lead healthy lives and make healthy decisions. What better way to promote this mission statement than by giving of oneself and by promoting empathy in today’s youth?”

Last year, Canajoharie’s STAR program tried to entice late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon to come to town to help with the initial food drive. While Fallon didn’t visit, the #FoodWithFallon Drive exceeded expectations.