It is SPAC, not SPACE – Group of 19 students hears Philadelphia Orchestra, watches ET at SPAC for free

It was a night of culture, classic and pop, for 19 Canajoharie students and their families on August 5.

The group attended “ET: Under the Stars” at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center where they watched 1982’s ET: The Extra Terrestrial from director Steven Spielberg while the Philadelphia Orchestra played John William’s score to the movie live.

“These are the kind of events that demonstrate to students that the arts are not just Beethoven and Mozart, but they are part of everyday life,” said East Hill Elementary School Principal Stacy Ward who was one of group’s chaperones that night. “Plus it was just some good summer fun!”

Recently retired K-6 music teacher Susan Crua organized the event, attended, and helped students get the full experience.

Student tickets were free as part of the Classical Kids Program. Beyond the film and music, activities included face painting, balloon sculptures and an interactive drum demonstration.

Students also spoke with, and received autographs from, the orchestra’s Associate Principal Chair of the Second Violins Paul Roby.

“This was a wonderful blend education and art,” Ward said. “We are going to continue to provide opportunities like this in the future as funding and logistics allow.