About Us

About Us

The Canajoharie Central School District serves approximately 900 students in towns in Montgomery and Schoharie counties. The district’s facilities include:

School Name


East Hill Elementary School

Pre-K to 5

Canajoharie Middle School


Canajoharie High School


Parents, alumni and other district residents play an important role in Canajoharie schools, and the district prides itself on being the center of the community.


Every Learner, Together, World Ready

Every Learner: We are invested in the success of all learners.

We provide a relevant, challenging and engaging learning environment for every learner.

Our students graduate as independent, thoughtful and engaged critical thinkers and continue on as lifelong learners.

Together: We are a rural school district that builds meaningful relationships among students, families, teachers, administrators, staff and the broader community.

We foster an environment where differences are appreciated and students feel included, supported, safe, and respected by peers and adults.

World Ready: Our students graduate with the practical, intellectual and social-­emotional skills to engage in a world of innovation and rapid transformation by:

  • being inquisitive

  • critically processing information

  • forming their own opinions

  • communicating effectively

  • working together

  • and learning from challenges and obstacles


Every day in our school district we foster a relationship-based safe learning environment. We provide access for all students to fully participate in an educational process that incorporates skill development & academic achievement with classroom interests, talents, passions, & activities. We educate the whole child so they become self-aware, critical thinkers, who are culturally & socially conscious adults.


We expect from our students, families, and Canajoharie Central School District staff:



Community Involvement






District Features

The Canajoharie High School includes:

  • Arkell Performing Arts Center

  • Science, Technology, Business and Computer Labs

  • Music suites, art studios

  • Fitness Center and indoor running track

Our elementary and middle school campus includes:

  • Nellis Memorial Pool

  • The Great Room

  • Community-built playground

In addition to the traditional academics, the district offers:

  • Advanced Placement Courses

  • 21st-century Elective Courses – Global Problem Solving and International Studies

  • Two Foreign Languages

  • Driver’s Education

  • Fine and Visual Arts

  • Family and Consumer Science

  • Technology

  • Band, Choir, Orchestra

Our student support services include:

  • Team of Special Educators

  • School Social Worker

  • Psychology and School Counseling Professionals 

  • Crisis Counselor

Outside of the classroom, the district offers multiple extracurricular activities. For example:

  • Nearly 20 varsity level sports

  • SADD, History, Science and Technology clubs, and a myriad of other clubs

  • District-wide Odyssey of the Mind program (has competed in the OM World Finals)