Regents 2019 Exam Schedule

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is time to plan for January Regents exams. It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the first semester.

We have a modified schedule during the Regents exam period.  This schedule will provide all teachers an opportunity to assess students’ performance and conduct other lengthy class activities.  This may serve as a final assessment for a semester class or a midterm for a full year course. The schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday, January 22

Students follow a regular schedule

Wednesday, January 23

7:50 – 8:49
Period 1

Period 2

9:54 – 10:53
Period 3

Guided Studies & Lunch

Period 6

1:01 – 1:59
Period 7

2:02 – 3:00
Period 8

Thursday, January 24

Students follow a regular schedule

Friday, January 25

7:50 – 8:50
Period 4

8:53 – 9:53
Period 9

9:55 – 10:55
School Wide Activity

Guided Studies & Lunch

Students dismissed at noon

Student attendance during this period is critical. If a student is absent for any part of an academic period, s/he will be expected to stay Thursday afternoon to complete any assessments. The marking period ends on January 25th and report cards will be issued on February 1st.

Please make note that Friday, January 25th is a half day for students. We have two classes and a school-wide activity. Students will then be dismissed at noon.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the high school, 673-6330.


Deborah P. Grimshaw
Acting High School Principal