Reminder: New schedule for grades 7-12 begins Feb. 22, other important dates & information

Dear Canajoharie CSD Family,

The following letter is a reminder for our new schedule starting February 22 and other important dates and information.

As stated in a previous letter we will be starting a new schedule for grades 7-12 on Feb. 22. To view the schedule beginning on Feb. 22, click here

Below are some reminders:

  • 7th and 8th grade will now be in the middle school
  • Dropoff will be at 7:45 am in the middle school loop and pick up is at 3:00 pm in the loop as well
  • Only students in grades 9-12 will be in the high school
  • 5th grade is now located in East Hill elementary school
  • Anyone that can drive their child(ren) to school instead of the bus will be greatly appreciated

There are also some important dates to keep in mind:

  • Full remote days will be March 3 and March 24 (remote days for April, May and June will be out shortly)
  • Full remote days are school days and students are expected to complete work and reach out to teachers
  • Some students will be asked to come in for the remote days to ensure they are completing their work
  • 1 hour delay schedule on the first Thursday of each month
  • Fall2 Athletics (football, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading) will begin on March 8 – contact your coach or the athletic director for information
  • If you are a full remote student and plan to return to in-person instruction for the 4th quarter please contact your respective school by Friday, March 19th
  • If your child)ren) traveled outside of the state and not to one of the bordering states, they must quarantine for 3 days and then get a negative test result on the 4th day, to return to school. We must have a copy of the negative test.

Information on graduations, proms, and other activities will be posted as soon as we have an answer. We are still in a very fluid situation with the pandemic and NYS and the DOH dictate the pace for all guidelines and approvals. We will try to make things work as we receive information. Grades 3-8 testing and regents exams are still planned at this moment but there has been a waiver submitted to not hold testing this year. As soon as we get that information we will send that out as well.

In closing, I want to thank everyone for the amazing job that has been done thus far with the pandemic! As of February 22 we will have grades K-6 in-person everyday and 7-12 for 50% of the days. It is simply amazing what we have been able to do and with the help of everyone hopefully we can continue the success. We only have 16 weeks left of classes when we return and if we keep moving in the right direction we can finish this year strong and take full advantage of the opportunities we have. Thank you!


Dr. Nick Fitzgerald
Superintendent of Schools