Safety and Security

The Canajoharie Central School District has always been proactive with regard to safety and security.

We want to share some basic information with our families, so they may see what we are doing and have done with our safety and security policies and procedures. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Superintendent Dr. Nick Fitzgerald.

Monthly Safety Videos



If You See Something, Say Something

The best way to prevent an emergency situation is to speak up if something is seen or heard. No concern is too small. 
Any student who hears or sees suspicious activity including threats, instances of intimidation, use of illegal substances, cyberbullying, etc. can reach out to adults through phone, text, or email.
Students can call or text (518) 227-0145 or email
Every report we receive will remain anonymous.

Reporting Non-Emergency Situations

Should a student, parent/guardian or member of the public see a hazard that is not an emergency, (eg. fire hazard or potential flood)  they should report it as soon as possible to a staff member so it can be corrected. 

Safety measures in place at Canajoharie Central School District

  • All school employees are required to have identification badges on at all times while in district buildings.
  • A single point of entry at every building. Visitors are required to check in at the main office before entering the building.
  • All staff members at the Canajoharie Central School District are required to undergo training annually. 
  • Fingerprint-supported background checks are completed for all applicants for certification and all prospective employees.
  • Video cameras are installed around our district. Our buses are also equipped with cameras. 
  • Up to 10 fire and lockdown drills are conducted each year. 
  • Raptor Identification Badging Systems provide instant screening of visitors. The system also provided temporary identification badges, so we know who is in our schools.
  • All classroom doors are equipped with card scanners that must be swiped to open. These doors automatically lock in case of a lockdown procedure. 
  • Emergency phone system quickly alerts emergency personnel. 
  • Blue Light systems alert those outside to an emergency inside the building. 
  • Ladders installed on second and third floor classrooms for quick exit in case of emergency. 
  • The District Safety Committee reviews safety plans yearly. The District Emergency Team conducts drills and reviews safety. 

Expectations of Parents & Families in Case of an Emergency

  • In the event of an emergency, communications from the district will be sent to our families through our ParentSquare System. Updates will not be put on social media, check our website instead.
  • DO NOT rush to the school. This will create additional traffic and may impede emergency vehicles or otherwise disrupt response procedures. In addition, do not call emergency services. This could tie up lines of communication for our first responders. 
  • DO NOT CALL your student on their cell phone. Silence may be important in case there is an emergency and students need to focus on following instructions from adults at school.
  • DO NOT speculate about emergency situations on social media. As we have seen in other events, false information on social media can spread quickly. This can lead to unnecessary panic.