Storycrafters Enchant East Hill Listeners

two people sitting

Barry Marshall and Jeri Burns Ph.D., The Storycrafters, presented six lively assemblies in the East Hill Library on February 4 and 5, 2020.  Told with drum, harp, guitar, or musical saw accompaniment, The Storycrafters shared exciting tales to dovetail with the curriculum in Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Greek myths, rainbow houses, Abenaki native stories, and rap versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs were some of the popular highlights.  “I wish they could’ve done more raps,” commented one fourth grade listener.  “The harp was amazing!” said a fifth-grader.  “How did she do that?” 

a person singing and another hitting a drum

“Storytelling binds us together with understanding, empathy for others and shared cultural values imparted through the stories that we hear and carry within.  Magic and wonder are the tools we use to inspire us toward the things we dream of for our lives.” Marshall and Burns noted.

two people singing

“Each assembly was completely different and completely wonderful,” commented Doris Leverett, East Hill Librarian.  “The children listened in silence except when they were chanting refrains, laughing at the antics of the story characters, or clapping with delight.  The Storycrafters’ visit was a perfect midwinter treat.”

person singing and another with arms open

The Storycrafters have been recognized nationally and internationally.  They are 2018 inductees in the National Storytelling Network’s ‘Circle of Excellence.