Student support rugby-playing teacher

Canajoharie students don’t support just other student-athletes. 

Alex Sydow, Cheyenne Rebello, Hannah Robinson, Jackson Nasse, Connor Bowden, Andrew Ferguson, Barry Yerdon, Kym Terwilliger, Kaliyah Nichols, Monica Hartlieb, Olivia Stanley, Tori Rocas, Emma Trahan, Kaitlyn Jenks, and Mr. and Mrs. Nasse all joined forces to support high school math teacher Catherine Lowerre and Canajoharie alum Grace Corrigan on the rugby field a few weeks ago.

Lowerre and Corrigan play for the Albany Knickerbocker Women’s Division 1 Rugby Team and took a 24-10 win over the Providence Women’s Rugby Team on Oct. 14 thanks, in part, to the support of the fan base.

“With the amazing fan support from our students, we were empowered and able to defeat our opponents,” Lowerre said. “We had previously lost to Providence so having the extra support was amazing.”