Students taking many steps to prepare for college

Financial Aid Night set for Oct. 19, 6:30 p.m.

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Throughout the month of September, Canajoharie High School students focused on taking the next steps in their education careers.

With the help of Tracey Stetin and Deana Lenz in the high school counseling office, all members of the senior class participated in a resume writing workshop during the first full week of classes. Lenz also went to English 12 classes during the first week of school to review the college application process with every member of the Class of 2018.

Juniors attended the Tri-County Counselor’s Annual College Fair at FMCC on Sept. 21 and students throughout the high school had the opportunity to attend the College Caravan College Fair in the high school gym on Sept. 25.

Things didn’t stop when the calendar flipped over to October, as Lenz hosted the final College App Jumpstart session at the high school. This new program was intended to help guide small groups of students through the college application process.

“These events have helped students be more prepared to plan for their future,” Lenz said. “A number of students have either completed or are almost ready to click submit on their applications.”

Even if a student has missed out on everything thus far, there is still a chance to get ready for life beyond Canajoharie. There will be a Financial Aid Night on Thursday, Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school library. This event is geared toward helping seniors with the college admission process and filling out federal student aid forms.

To participate, please bring the following information to the event:

● Student’s social security number. (Have the card to ensure number is correct) 
● Parents’ social security numbers. (Have the cards to ensure number is correct)
● Parents’ dates of birth.
● Student’s driver’s license number (if student has one)
● Student’s Permanent Alien Registration Number (if not a U.S. citizen). 
● Copy of student’s 2016 Federal Income Tax Return. (2016 W-2 Wage statements)
● Copy of parents’ 2016 Federal Income Tax Return. (2016 W-2 Wage statements)

● Records of student’s untaxed income for the following sources:
        ○ Child support received in the student’s name
        ○ Child support received for any of the student’s children 
        ○ Interest income
        ○ Veterans non-education benefits
        ○ Disability benefits
        ○ Money received by or paid on the student’s behalf (bills, for example)

● Records of parents’ untaxed income for the following sources:
        ○ Child support received for all children
        ○ Interest income
        ○ Veterans non-education benefits
        ○ Untaxed portion of pension benefits
        ○ Untaxed portion of IRA deductions
        ○ Untaxed portion of IRA distributions
        ○ Workers’ compensation benefits
        ○ Disability benefits

● You’re Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) If you have not registered for one yet, it can be done the night of the event.
● Valid email address