Third Grade Classes Explore Ancient Caves in the High School Library

third-grade students in a cave they made out of paper

“It was so realistic with crumpled paper!” exclaimed Ryan.

“You felt like wolves were howling five inches from your cave,” remarked Johnny.

“The handprints and artwork inspired me to feel different than usual,” commented Layton.

Mrs. Damone’s, Mrs. Giarrizzo’s, Mrs. Towse’s, and Miss Ortiz’s third-grade classes journeyed into the past in an art installation in the Canajoharie High School Library on April 18. Ms. Bojarczuk’s students researched ancient cave art in their elective Art History Made Fun. They created three caves in the high school library large enough for groups of six children to gather for stories about how caves are formed, how the first dog came to be, and how cave bears lived. Reproductions from around the world, as well as student interpretations of cave art, were on display.

“The caves were really big and fun with cool features like bear paws made of paper,” Reagan said.

Landen added, “It was fun learning about the dog story.”

While one class enjoyed exploring the caves and listening to the books, another class created cave art in Ms. Bojarczuk’s classroom. “I loved seeing the projects the high school kids made. You can find out who you really are when you do art. If you are sad, art can bring you back,” observed Mila.

The third class took a guided tour with Mrs. Jones, the high school librarian, to enjoy the art hanging in the halls. “I knew about Charlie Brown when I saw the drawing. There was a lot of 3-D art too,” said Ethan.

The third-grade classes will soon be stepping into a real cave when they take their field trip to Howe Caverns in May.

The students who created these caves were: Logan Arduini, Melissa Bates, Hailey Becker, Mackenzie Boyer, Arrionna Crouse, Emily Darling, Kelanah Hilderbrandt, Bryce Horning, Seth Horning, Charleigh Kilmartin, Samara Mattice, Peter Mazzarella, Ciera Mykel, Caitlyn Ody, Julianne Prentice, Ryan Prentice, Hannah Robinson, Sydney Shepard, and Kristin Whalen.