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Varsity athletes honored at Athletic Awards

Varsity athletes were honored for achievements during the 2016-17 season at the Canajoharie High School Athletic Awards on May 30. The following students were recognized during the awards program:


Coach: Carrie Ferguson

Coach’s Award: Sophia Fischett

Boys Soccer

Coach: Blake Smith

Most Improved Player: Dale Plant

Most Valuable Player:  Andrew Towse

Most Dedicated Player:  Elijah Bowley

Girls Soccer

Coach: Ellee Fichthorn

Coach’s Award: Hannah Smith

Captain’s Award: Cassidy Ferguson

Hustle Award: Bethany Mead

Girls Track & Field

Coach: Ellee Fichthorn

Most Valuable Track: Jordan Porter

Most Valuable Field: Sierra Hill

Most Valuable Track and Field: Meghan Dingman

Cross Country

Coach: Charlie Karker

Most Improved Runner: Trevor Howard

Most Outstanding Runner: Jordan Porter


Coach: Chris Smith

Lowest Average (39.36): Mike Balfe

Most Points (28/28): Austin Countryman

Lowest Round (-1): Mike Balfe

Lowest Round (-1): Austin Countryman


Coach: Stephanie Bartkus

Coach’s Award: Francesca Nare

MVP – Jenna Shepard

Most Improved: Jessica LaPine


Coach: Shannon Hyney

Offensive MVP: Richie Consalvo

Defensive MVP: Nick Suits

Coach’s Award: Nick Kocjan

Coach’s Award: Lucas Draffen

Special Awards

Team MVP:  Tangen Rush

Canfield Award:  John O’Connor

Priddle Award:   Joe Trembley

Dutcher Award:   Greg Meyers

Tony Camara Award:  Arthur Whitman

CYF Award:  Trevor Folts

Boys Bowling

Coach: Dwayne Heroth

Highest Average (197): James Fiaschetti

Highest Series (758): Cian DiMezza

Most Improved Award: Braedy Sickler

Greg Conrad Memorial Bowling Scholarship Award: James Fiaschetti

Girls Bowling

Coach: Dwayne Heroth

Highest Average (176): Amy Reedy

2nd Highest Average (157): Kiara Putnam

Most Improved Award: Melissa Bates

Greg Conrad Memorial Bowling Scholarship Award: Amy Reedy & Kiara Putnam

Nordic Ski (B & G)

Coach: Brent Watterson

MVP: Austin Countryman

MVP: Carolyn Adams

Most Improved: Jenna Shepard

Coach’s Award: Lucas Draffen

Coach’s Award: Madeline Elliott


Coach: Clay Oeser

Coach’s award – Jacob Montayne

MVP – Jarred Bentz

Most Improved – Adam Oertel

Darin Bowerman Award (perpetual plate & Monetary Award) – Derek Countryman

Swimming & Diving

Coach: Phil Horender

MVP: Joe Trembley

Coach’s Award: Dale Plant

Coach’s Award: Alex Sydow

Most Improved Award: Olivia Hopkins

Girls Basketball

Coach: Stephanie Bartkus

MVP: Sierra Hill

Perseverance Award: Hannah Smith

Coach’s Award: Callie Shannon

Boys Basketball

Coach: Phil Schoff

MVP: Mike Hartlieb

John Wooden Leadership Award: Trevor Folts

Robert Horry Glory Award: Mike Balfe


Coach: Bridget Anderson

Offensive MVP: Jenna Shepard

MVP: Mackenzie Bowerman

Rookie of the Year: Mollie Krug


Coach: Brent Watterson

Most Outstanding Pitcher: Lucas Sossei

Defensive MVP: Isaiah Logan

Offensive MVP: Nick Kocjan

Boys Track & Field

Coach: Kevin Stuttle

Track Athlete of the Year:  Kevin Mazzarella

Field Athlete of the Year:  Mike Hartlieb

Track and Field Athlete of the Year:  Andrew Yacobucci


Booster Club Scholarship Award:

Female: Hannah Smith

Male: John O’Connor

Sportsmanship Award:

Female: Francesca Nare

Male: Mike Balfe

Coaches Award:

Female: Jenna Shepard

Male: Trevor Folts

Fireman’s Award:

Female: Hannah Smith

Male: Mike Hartlieb